Gifts to give a BJJ Practitioner for Christmas

It’s that time of the year. It’s the holiday season. We all enjoy getting and giving gifts for Christmas. Even BJJ practitioners enjoy getting gifts. So, what can you give BJJ practitioner as a Christmas gift? Here is a list of the best gifts you can give to a BJJ fighter.

Gifts to give a BJJ Practitioner for Christmas


Sure, there are many practitioners that favor the non-Gi variant of BJJ. But BJJ is primarily a grappling art that uses the Gi. Therefore, most BJJ fighters will train with a Gi. That’s why the Gi is one of the best gifts you can offer as a Christmas present.

There are many different brands of Gis. However, not all of them are created in the same way. Some Gis are better than the others in terms of durability and quality of the materials used for their making. So, the worst thing you can do is to just grab the cheapest Gi you can find. Why? Well, chances are that it will tear up after in little time of use. On the other hand, there are many brands of expensive Gis on the market. You will do well to find a Gi that falls somewhere in the middle. Do your research and, if you need some help, check out best BJJ Gis in 2018.

BJJ rashguard

Related to the first gift on our list is the BJJ rashguard. This item of clothing is worn heavily by the non-Gi practitioners. Nevertheless, the Gi practitioners are also known to favor it in many situations. Again, the same thing goes for the rashguard. This item comes in many shapes, sizes, and it has different levels of quality. You might want to spend more money and invest in a good rashguard. More expensive rashguard are typically more durable and have higher quality than their cheaper counterparts. Find some good options here: best BJJ rashguard list.

BJJ belt

Now, this requires some research first. You will need to know the belt level of the BJJ practitioner before you get them a belt. Belts are taken seriously in the world of BJJ. The practice of wearing a higher belt than the one you’re given by your BJJ professor is heavily frowned upon. So, you will want to learn what belt your gift-recipient is wearing so that you can buy them a proper belt. To be fair, most BJJ practitioners already have a belt of their own, so buying another one for them may be a bit superfluous. But in most cases, a BJJ fighter that gets a BJJ belt for Christmas is delighted.

BJJ learning materials (Books and DVDs)

The practical part when it comes to learning BJJ is indispensable. It’s essential to get the knowledge in the first place. The BJJ school is the most important place where the practitioners learn the basics and start growing as practitioners. But the truth is that you simply cannot get good at BJJ without putting your knowledge into practice.

To help you with that, there are many BJJ learning materials that will skyrocket the rate of your progress. You see, some of the greatest minds of BJJ have either written books or, even better, recorded a video instructional where they share their knowledge. These include John Danaher, Ryan Hall, Bernardo Faria, and many others. For sure recipient of this gift will be pleased with your offer.


If you want to go for something cheaper, but still immensely useful in the world of BJJ, then you can purchase your friend a protective mouthpiece. Even though direct strikes are not allowed in the world of BJJ – it’s still a highly volatile sport. One of the worst things that can unintentionally happen to someone is to get their jaw clenched with the tongue between their teeth. A mouthpiece will do wonders for the protection of the teeth and tongue of a BJJ fighter. That’s why a protective mouthpiece a very useful gift for Christmas, and a cheap one too – Best mouthguards on the market in 2018.

BJJ clothing of any kind

We already mentioned the Gi and the rashguard as often used and indispensable pieces of BJJ equipment that you can purchase as gifts. The fact is that there are many other different kinds of BJJ related clothing. For example, you can purchase a t-shirt with BJJ drawings. Or perhaps a picture of a BJJ legend, like Rickson Gracie. Maybe you can buy them a blouse with a BJJ related message written on its corner. The choice is limitless and you can find many of these pieces of clothing in various stores.


If you’re still without a clue as to what to buy your BJJ fighter friend for Christmas, then check this BJJ and marketing expert Rener Gracie’s video about what makes a perfect gift. You’re bound to be inspired and find something great to purchase for your BJJ fighter friend.

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