Where to train BJJ? All the places you forget about.

Where to train BJJ it’s probably a question you can ask yourself at the beginning of your journey with jiu jitsu. You have already become interested in this sport and are wondering where to train specifically. You’re questioning whether to choose a big club in the city center or maybe a smaller academy in your neighborhood. But once you’ve been training for some time you may be a little confused by this question. Your club seems like the obvious answer, what more to think about here, right? That’s why today we gonna try to think a bit outside the box and will show you other places where you can also train BJJ, but which you usually forget about.

Where to train BJJ

Other BJJ gyms

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about changing the club permanently. It’s more about new experiences and perspectives. Look at it from this side. After some time training in the same place, especially if it is not a big academy, you have probably already practiced with most people at your club. They may already be predictable to you. And when you go to another club for a sparring session you will meet a lot of new people there. Rolling with this bunch of new faces might be a very refreshing and informative experience. Another great experience is also going to train for a bit in some local club while on vacation. It’s really cool to get to know the culture of training BJJ in another city or country.


When we think about training, usually only regular classes come to our minds. We forget that you can also train at various events such as seminars with the best BJJ competitors, “24-hour sparring”, “beach rolling”, etc. You just have to follow news about BJJ related events in your area. Usually, it’s probably just information about the tournaments, but sometimes it can be also news about training with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu star from abroad, jiu jitsu sparrings for charity, or that e.g. some BJJ club because of good weather decides to take their mats out and arrange open for everyone rolling. Of course, do such events happen at all depends on how creative and large  BJJ community you have in your area. But still, it is just good to remember that there is such an option and when the opportunity arises to be ready to go to such an event.

Private classes

We are used to training where there is one coach and a lot of students. But if you are preparing for some important competition or just want to get better and feel like the normal class schedule is not enough, nothing prevents you from taking private classes. You just have to ask one of the instructors in your club if they are willing to do so. If yes, you can arrange such classes before or after normal training or some other day when it suits you two. When it comes to the place, you can use some end or corner of the big mat everyone is practicing or at some clubs, you can find also separate smaller mats especially for this purpose.

Quasi-private classes aka training with friends

It’s the same as the previous point, just cross out the trainer and replace him with e.g. your friend with the higher belt. If you want to practice more of something, but can’t take private classes, just find someone you can extra drill/roll with. Just make sure you don’t disturb anyone and you can go ahead and train on your club’s mat.

BJJ camps

If money and time are not a problem you can also go train at some BJJ camp. If your club organizes such a trip it is a great way of spending time with your friends from the academy while increasing the number and intensity of training during these few days. And when it is a camp from other BJJ gym or organization you will also meet new people there. Regardless of the organizers, such trips are always developing, thanks to the cumulation of training sessions. So if you have this option they are really worth considering.

Own mat

Unlike other sports such as running, to BJJ, you need a special place to train. Namely, you need a mat. In all previous places, you used someone else’s mat. It was a mat of your club, organizer of some camp or event, etc. But when you or one of your friends got your a mat, a lot of possibilities open up for you. Mats now days are not that expensive and there are several good affordable BJJ mats.

Go outside

If you have good weather and a piece of e.g. a garden you can take your mat out there and invite friends for rolling instead of a barbecue. If you do not have your own space, but you are not disturbed by the surprised looks of passers-by you can take the mat to the park or the beach. Others can have picnics, so you can do outdoor BJJ training.

Stay at home

When you have a mat at home you can organize your own BJJ classes. When you live with other jiu-jitsu enthusiasts the sparring partner problem is solved immediately. You can practice when it suits you. If you don’t have such people at home you can always invite your friends from time to time to train BJJ at your place. It will be like a party, just instead of dancing and drinking, you will be rolling and sweating. If you can’t or don’t want to invite anyone it is not the end of possibilities. You can always practice with the grappling dummy. If such a training option suits you, you just have to buy it or make it yourself.

In conclusion

Places, where you can train BJJ, go far beyond normal classes at your jiu jitsu club. Above you have various options, but actually, we’re only limited by imagination. So if you’re a little bored with regular BJJ training or you can’t attend them right now, don’t give up practicing jiu jitsu at all. Rather try to think outside the box and find some other place to train. As you can see there are a lot of options, just choose what suits you best.