Best Grappling Socks – Top Products for 2020

When practicing martial arts, it is necessary to wear good protective gear and leave nothing to chance. Grappling socks might seem a trivial thing but during their workout, people have had mat burns and cuts. You obviously want to avoid any injury and perform at your best; grappling socks can drastically improve your performance by giving you a strong grip or good traction.
Some of the qualities you want to keep in mind are a good fit with minimal excess, strong grip on the mats, anti-sweat properties and a sturdy material with minimal ripping and tearing. Your selection comes down to what you want from your gear, some best grappling socks that have these qualities are given below.

Best Grappling Socks for 2020

Tilos Sports Skin Sock

Tilos sports socks have very good apparel, so if aesthetics like color and design matter to you then these socks are a good option. The socks are made from a stretchy lycra with an adjustable ankle cuff so that you can get them on and off easily. The sole of this sock is also made from neoprene like many others which provides excellent grip and traction between the wearer’s foot and the mat. Tilos sports skin socks are an ideal selection for those who do not fit into an average size range. Smaller or larger, this product has a variety of sizes to choose from. Aside from martial arts, you can use these socks for other sports because they are highly resistant to heat, wear and tear and don’t scuff easily.

Ring to Cage MMA Grappling Training Socks

Ring to Cage is a well-known manufacturer of boxing and MMA products. Their grappling training socks show some of the boxing elements by having rubber as a material. Many boxing shoes use rubber for traction and it works just fine for grappling socks during martial art sections. The heel and bottom part of the sock is made up of neoprene that provides excellent grip and flexibility. Unlike many other socks on the market, this product is very lightweight. It feels comfortable to wear and gives you good performance. These socks are very versatile, you can use them for boxing and multiple practices of martial arts, such as striking, grappling or even sparring.

RDX Neoprene Socks

The RDX Neoprene socks are an excellent choice for training in cold weather due to their material and strong grip. They come in a single color option and offer a non-slip design. The socks are also designed in a way to accommodate the shape of the foot; it helps in avoiding any interference with any other piece of gear, like the gi. The socks are made out of spandex that provides a good fit and gives you freedom like you are training with bare feet. RDX socks also absorb sweat so that they can help in keeping the mats clear of any excess sweat or odor generated during hard training. Plus, if you have ever trained on mats during winter, you can find these helpful against the occasional slipping as the mat feels like an ice rink.

KO Sports Socks

KO socks are a unique take on grappling with their striking looks thick fabric. These are made from neoprene like the others and their bottom or ‘sole’ area has small, black dots that give you a sturdy grip. The dots have good stitching and are bound tightly together as sometimes during the striking movements or usual friction with the mat causes these grips to be ripped off from the usual socks. Another good quality of these socks is the fabric as that it keeps your feet warm. Whether it is cold mats or long winters, this quality is often overlooked especially if you don’t know how uncomfortable it is to train in cold weather.

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