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A group of entrepreneurs founded Manto in 2004. Their basic target was to bring an urban twist to the fighting apparel. They use cool graphic and urban style lettering on their Gi. They have a very clean cut and are very sleek on their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis. The big bold patches stand out and Manto has created quite a name for themselves. Manto gi are extremely lightweight and are a great option for training in the hot weather. The cut of the gi is slimmer and the collar is thin and sleek. The weave of the material of the gi represents durability and the stitching is very clean and nice. The combination of affordability and durability makes Manto a great choice for practitioners. The people who work at Manto have an astounding amount of knowledge about the needs of the athletes. Their premium products are very good for every day training because of their light weightiness, fast absorption and their clean cut. Manto Gi keeps a close eye to make their products better in every way they could by working on the weak points of their products and delivering a better option every time. Following are the best  Manto Gi review.

Manto Gi Review

Manto Champ 5.0

Champ 5,0 is made to provide the best performance both while training and in competition. It is made with 100 % cotton that has a pearl weave. The collar is soft yet firm and is made from EVA form providing the ultimate comfortability to the practitioner. The insides of the jacket have reinforced seams to provide durability and also have a reinforced knee area in the pants of the gi. The patches on the Gi are bold and are made of high-quality material. This gi is considered to be perfect for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner no matter what level they are on.

Manto Neo Gi

Manto Neo Gi is a tapered fit that is perfect for everyday training because it fits true to the size. The Gi is made from 100% cotton and the fabric has pearl weave to it. The shoulder patches on this Gi are woven and it also has double pant loops. The collar of the kimono is filled with EVA foam which has improved the comfort of training for long hours. The durability of the Gi is increased due to the reinforced knee area. The pants are integrated with round rope for easy tying and have a very adjustable and comfortable fit.

Manto Technico

Manto technico is basically designed for competition. The kimono of the gi is sturdy and is weighed at 450gsm and is paired with an extremely lightweight 10 oz pants that ensure a comfortable experience during the fight. This Gi is tested out by BJJ World Champion and UFC Fighter Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes. This Gi is tapered fir to provide the perfect performance. The gi is fast drying which makes it perfect for summertime. All the stress points in this gi have reinforced seams. The gi is made of 100% cotton.

Manto Voodoo Gi

With this gi you will be able to make your submission game strong. It has some very unique features to it. Made with 100% pearl weave cotton which is extremely lightweight and has EVA collar for better comfort while training. The fabric is fast drying and the gi has reinforced seams to increase the durability of the gi. It has a very adjustable and comfortable fit to provide the optimal performance during training and competition.

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