Best BJJ No-Gi Gear – Rashguards, Spats, Grappling Shorts, and More

In most, if not all sports, you need proper clothing and sometimes also some kind of gear to exercise. Of course, you can run in your old sneakers or use water bottles instead of dumbbells, etc. However, using the right things that are designed specifically for sport is more convenient. It’s the same in BJJ No-Gi. You can train in old tracksuits and not use things like BJJ headgear or mouth guards. For safety and comfort, however, it is much better to obtain the appropriate gear. Keep reading for info on what exactly you should wear for No-Gi and what equipment you need. Below you will also find a list of the best BJJ No-Gi gear recommendations. 

What clothes should you wear for BJJ No-Gi?

As mentioned above, of course, you can wear “normal” clothes and train, but it is just not the most comfortable. A T-shirt and sweatpants or some shorts can work out as an outfit for your first training sessions when you just want to check if it is the sport for you. However, once you decide to train seriously it is better to buy special BJJ No-Gi gear. It is because a “normal” t-shirt and shorts can be too loose for this sport. By this lack of adherence to the body, your fingers and toes can keep getting stuck somewhere during rolls, which can be potentially dangerous. 

So what you should wear to training is for the top – rashguard, and for the bottom, you can wear spats or grappling shorts, or both together. It is better to wear such things because they are made from materials that absorb moisture. Moreover, rashguards and spats fit tightly to the body, and grappling shorts are made in such a way that they do not slide off easily. Thanks to this, it is easier to practice in them, the opponent has nothing to grab you for, you can escape easier, etc.

What to look for when choosing your BJJ No-Gi outfit? 

Choosing the right BJJ No-Gi gear for your jiu jitsu journey is very important. Therefore, when buying new rashguards or spats, you should pay attention to a few important aspects. Firstly, look for the right size, which will translate into a proper fit. If you are wondering what size will be right for you, and hesitate between two, better choose smaller than the larger one. This is due to the fact such elastic clothes will stretch over time. So something that was a bit too big at the start will just become way too big after some time of use. And that’s not something you want from things that are supposed to fit tightly against the body. 

However, not only size is important, but you should also pay attention to the material from which things are made. The material of good rashguard or grappling shorts should meet several requirements. It must be durable, breathable, and fairly elastic. The material needs to be resistant and not to tear apart when someone accidentally grabs you by clothes. However, at the same time, it must not be too thick or not permeable. It is because you don’t want to sweat like a pig just when warming up. So, remember also to look if the material of the clothes you want to buy is breathable. Thanks to this you will allow your body to breathe freely and not overheat. When looking at the material, look also whether it is flexible enough. See if there is enough elastane or spandex in the material composition. Another thing worth paying attention to is stitching. Always check if it looks thick and strong. 

Best No-Gi gear for BJJ

When you start looking for training clothes, the sheer volume of options available can be overwhelming. There are many manufacturers, different rashguards, spats, and grappling shorts types and models, etc. The choice of BJJ No-Gi gear is really big. So not to get lost in all of it, below you will find the best options we have selected.


Tatami Phoenix Rising Rash Guard

Tatami is one of the top leading BJJ brands on the market. Their products are of high quality, affordable, and catering to various customer needs. At various BJJ tournaments, you can see many of the best competitors wearing their products. So, their rashguard simply had to be on this list. Generally, any Tatami rashguard you buy you will be satisfied. They are just of good quality and have a cool design. This one is, however, unique. It is because the artwork on it was made for one of the Charity Grapplethon. Its design is therefore a bit more special than other rashguards. And what remains unchanged is its high quality that we have come to expect from Tatami. Moreover, it is comfortable, elastic enough, and fits snugly against the body.

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Long Sleeve Rashguard

Venum is one of the top companies producing things for MMA, BJJ, and other martial arts. What is cool about them is that they really analyze what they are doing. They check on an ongoing basis whether their products are working well. And when something does not work or has a defect, they improve it and then release an improved version that it’s even better than before. Moreover, they have a wide selection of various products, including rashguards. This exact rashguard is really top quality and very durable. It is made with special Venum compression technology that improves blood flow to the muscles, for increased performance and reduced recovery time. Thanks to the Venum dry tech technology it also provides optimum control of body heat, which means you don’t sweat terribly in this, and it dries quickly.

Under Armour Short SleeveTop 

Even though Under Armour is not associated specifically with BJJ but rather with sport in general their rashguards will work perfectly for jiu jitsu. It is just a fantastic shirt, which thanks to the very tight fit become like a second skin during your BJJ classes. This rashguard will not tuck or move anywhere, but the entire training will stay in one place. Moreover, it is also very functional. Thanks to the elastic mesh inserts under the arms it got great ventilation and is perfect at wicking away sweat. Also, the anti-odor technology used in it prevents the growth of microbes and thus prevents the formation of odors. 

Compared to other mentioned rashguards the design is kinda simple, but thanks to this it looks more casual. If apart from the mat, you do not want anyone to know that you are a grappler, you can be calm while wearing this shirt to the gym. Nobody will recognize by it that you train BJJ. And if you are generally a fan of tight clothing, this rashguard will be a bit more suitable than other ones on the list for everyday wear than the others. 

Hayabusa Geo Short Sleeve BJJ Rash Guard

Hayabusa Fightwear is another of the great companies in the martial arts world. Arguably it is one of the top MMA, BJJ, etc. manufacturers out there. Over the years, they have developed a reputation for really delving deep into the data. Performing scientific research studies, and applying community feedback to produce high-quality products. And so is their rashguard, really high quality. The design is kinda basic, however, from the silicone retention band to stitching, everything is very comfortable and strong. The fabric is very smooth, almost silky, which makes this material pretty much unnoticeable. Moreover, the fit is just comfortable enough to allow a wide range of motion without feeling like it is pulling or sliding. This rashguard also helps to regulate body temperature. Thanks to this you don’t sweat terribly in it, even during hard training. 


Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Spats

Most importantly, these spats fit just right. Sometimes some compression pants kinda feel like they’re strangling your legs while these just feel comfortable at the same time, they do not stick out anywhere and adhere well. The material is also really nice in touch, and it is properly breathable so that your legs don’t get too sweaty. These spats got a nice waistband that really secures them from falling. What’s cool, even though it protects the waist well, it is not too tight. Simple black and white design make these spats look good with almost anything. They will work great alone but also will be perfect as a base under the gi or grappling shorts. 

Hawk Sports Compression Pants

If the price is a very important indicator for you when buying, these spats will be the perfect choice for you. It is because they do the job at a killer price. They fit well, and you do not feel restricted in them, but you have freedom of movement. Moreover, they are really light, you hardly feel like you are wearing them, they become like a second skin. Thanks to this and simple one-color design they will work great as an additional layer under the gi or grappling shorts. The only drawback is that after a few rolls and washes the logo may rub off. However, for this price, and considering that nothing else is happening to them, it is most forgivable.

Fuji Baseline V2 Jiu Jitsu Spats Compression Pants

Above, some very cool brands producing BJJ training clothing have already been featured. However, of course, it was not a complete list, for example, Fuji was not there. Now it changes because their spats appear on the list. As they describe themselves they are a brand created by athletes for other athletes. Moreover, they have been on the market for many years. So they have a lot of experience in the production of training clothes. No wonder then that their spats are of the highest quality. Fit very well and are extremely durable, nothing happens to them, even though used intensively several times a week. They are a bit pricey, but you really get what you pay for.

Grappling shorts

Venum Men’s Nogi 2.0 Fightshorts

Venum products appear again on the list, and it can mean just one thing. They’re just one of the best. It’s no different with these shorts. They are simply of high quality and fit well. Thanks to the locking system with non-abrasive velcro and lacing they give you excellent support. While wearing these shorts you don’t have to be afraid that they will fall off your ass. They will stay in one place even during very intense sparring. They may seem a bit pricey but again, you just pay for the quality that Venum guarantees.

FUJI Baseline Grappling Shorts

If you have decided on the above-mentioned Fuji Baseline Jiu Jitsu Spats you’ll love these shorts too. These grappling shorts are very lightweight, thin, and stretchy. They do not restrict your movements at all, you have complete freedom in them. Fit well and simply provide a good comfort of use. Moreover, although the material is lightweight, it feels pretty durable. The design is very simple, but thanks to this they are perfect for customization and adding, for example, badges with the logo of your club.

Hawk No-Gi Workout Athletic Shorts

If the above-mentioned options are too expensive for you, Hawk shorts come for the rescue. They fit true to their size chart and are simply comfortable. The fit allows for a full range of motion and they have a cool small hidden inner pocket for a mouth guard or other things. It is just a great product, especially for this price. So if the price is a very important purchasing factor for you, these shorts are a great choice.

Taking care of your BJJ No-Gi Clothing

It’s important to wash and dry your BJJ No-Gi gear correctly to avoid ripping or tearing size change, foul odor, and color change. So if you don’t want any of these things to happen follow these few rules to take care of your belongings properly. 

  1. Do not leave your clothes for days after the training in the bag. The best option is to wash your BJJ clothing as soon as possible after training. If you can’t do that, hang it to dry first and only then put it into the laundry basket. 
  2. Before washing, turn the clothes inside out, stick velcro together, and tie strings. 
  3. For washing use only cold water. The best will be something around 30-40 degrees Celsius ( 86 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit). 
  4. Use soft, mild, or “for sports clothes” detergents. 
  5. Do not use bleach! It will diminish the life of your spats or rash guard.
  6. Don’t use dryers. Instead, hang it to dry.  

Thanks to the above steps, your clothes will stay in good condition for a long time and will look practically new. By not keeping them in your bag for too long and washing them properly, you will take care of their colors, the condition of the fabrics, and avoid them stinking.

BJJ No-Gi Gear – additional equipment

The items mentioned above are clothes, so you kinda have to wear them to exercise. Apart from these things, however, you can also wear some BJJ No-Gi additional equipment. Just for some extra safety. These things are protectors like BJJ headgear and mouth guards. Check below to find out more about them!

BJJ headgear

Ear injuries, called Cauliflower Ear are one of the most common injuries in BJJ. And that is why many people choose to use special BJJ headgear for protecting them. If you are also considering buying such an ear protector, check the article below. You will find there tips on how to choose and take care of it, which one is best to buy etc.

The Best BJJ Ear Guards and Headgear 2020 – Reviews

Mouth guard

Although BJJ is not a sport with punches and strikes, it can always happen that you accidentally get hit in the face. A bruise can always be survived, worse if someone knocks out your tooth. Fortunately, you can reduce this risk by using a mouth guard. So if you are not happy with the vision of broken teeth make sure to check out the article below. There you will find the best models to buy and then how to properly mold, and adjust your BJJ mouth guard, etc.

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Knee pads 

BJJ puts a lot of strain on the knees, you kneel a lot, etc. And that’s why many people choose to use knee pads. Most people wear them under the gi. However, they can be also useful in No-Gi, especially if you are wearing grappling shorts without spats. Thanks to the pads you will avoid abrasions and bruises. If that sounds tempting, check out the article below and learn more. 

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Elbow supports

Supporters are for the elbows what pads are for the knees. So it is not surprising that many people decide to add them to their BJJ No-Gi gear set. They simply provide extra comfort and protect against injuries. Moreover, if you use short sleeve rashguards, elbow supporters will help you avoid abrasions, burns, and bruises. If you have any elbow-related injuries, check out the article on elbow supporters and find out which one is the best to buy.

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