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It is a common occurrence to have wrist injuries in all manners of physical exercises, whether you are lifting heavy weights with resistance training, punching hard when you are boxing or grappling whenever you are exercising BJJ. Unless you want to sit home for a long amount of time and miss out on even more training just because you had no protection from a potential injury, it is best to get some right away. You can do that by getting good support for your wrist but you also have to make sure that it is ideal or good enough for your needs. Given below are some of the best wrists supports you can have when it comes to training for BJJ. Check out Best BJJ Wrist Support for 2020

Best BJJ Wrist Support

FUTURO Performance Comfort Wrist Support

One of the more comfortable wrists supports, the FUTURO Performance Comfort provides a good amount of protection and ease whenever you want your training routines to get a little rougher. The wrist supports are pretty low profile in the sense that you do not feel the burden or the ‘bulk’ whenever you put them on but instead you feel a lot more stability and balance around your wrists. This is very beneficial whenever you are practicing BJJ as it involved a lot of grappling, which involves moving or lifting entire body weights of opponents, there is a high chance of injury which can be prevented by this support. The FUTURO Performance wrist support is made out of Polyurethane, nylon, spandex, and polyester that gives it great durability and consistency.

Harbinger Pro 20 Inch Wrist Straps

A product that strikes a good balance between giving good support to the wrists and being bulky when they are put on. The Harbinger Pro wrist strap is an ideal choice if you are one to frequently train in BJJ but also want to lift heavy weights. This sort of versatility is rare in wrist supports as there are different supports for BJJ and resistance training but the Harbinger Pro gives you the ability to hit two birds with one stone in this regard. Other than that, the strap is adjustable to the extent that anyone can fine tune it according to their needs, you can easily move it into the area that you think could benefit from a good amount of support or if you are having an injury in that area and you want to add an extra layer of protection.

BraceUp Adjustable Wrist Support

The main reason that BraceUp’s Adjustable wrist support has made it to this list is that of the area it covers around the hands and wrist. This is a very good thing as it eliminates the doubt of whether you are targeting the right area or not. For instance, if you are experiencing wrist pain but are not sure where it is potent or where it is coming from then you would not know how to adjust your strap to target that area. However, with the BraceUp wrist support covering a majority of your hand, you would not have to worry about that. The material it is made out of is pretty dense and thick but it does not get in the way of your activities.

IPOW Professional Quality Wrist Support

This wrist support from IPOW is a great economical option for your physical exercises. Although, just because it has a low price compared to the others, doesn’t mean that it is severely lacking in overall performance or in some areas. The IPOW Professional Quality provides sufficient protection whether you are injured or not. It has also been found to be a relieve stubborn pain caused because of some spraining in the wrist or lifting to much weight, thereby making it a good option if you are looking for a quick and safe recovery. It is made out of high elasticity polyester material that allows you to adjust the support according to what fit you best. People have also found this product useful when performing some weight lifting exercises just because of the balance and support it also gives.

Shock Doctor PST Wrist Wrap

Shock Doctor is a manufacturer that emphasizes greatly on the recovery and safety of their customers. Their PST wrist wrap support shows us this because of its great compression around the palm and how it is anatomically designed to target major areas. It also gives great dexterity and grip because of this design as we do not have any more obstructions. The support is made out of thin micro-fiber synthetic leather that gives us the lightweight but durable attribute. To adjust the strap according to your needs, it makes use of Velcro compression wraps and it has a thumb opening with lycra binding. Lastly, the support also has antimicrobial technology integrated into it for breathability and hygiene throughout its lifetime. Also, it’s considered to be one of the best BJJ wrist support

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