Title MMA Gloves Reviews

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TITLE MMA is the leader and dominion world champion for the highest quality MMA equipment. They provide the autocratic best value products globally. They have a very renowned name due to their outstanding long lasting products. Over the top selection includes MMA gloves for training, grappling, competition, striking, punch mitts, Thai pads, hand wraps, and many more. They have a very wide variety of products in their arsenal. Title gloves or grappling gloves are small, open-fingered gloves used in mixed martial arts bouts. They usually have around 4 – 6 oz. of padding. They are designed to provide protection to the fighter’s hands. The gloves provide aid to the fingers for grappling maneuvers such as clinch fighting and submissions. In both training and competition vigor, Title MMA and boxing gloves are made perfectly from design to performance, from color to construction or fit to feel. The feel and fit, color, artistry, delineation, and performance of these gloves are superb.

Title MMA Gloves Reviews

Title MMA Command Training Gloves

The Title Command training gloves come with an ingenious new fabricated cover which allows for MAX durability and is easy to clean. The training gloves are over 1″ of pre-curved infused foam and one piece mold inserted which provides with an ultimate protection and wrist support to the fighter. With a corroborated hook and loop closure and a corral D-ring, these gloves protect the fists of the fighter really well. The partitioned thumb padding offers additional safety to the athlete and training partner. Individual finger loops are fixed for the athletes to provide with a substantial amount of amenity and durability. The glove stays dry and hands stay cool because of the exclusive and amplified full Aerovant mesh palm in the classical MMA Command Training Gloves. They are available in two colors black and red. Their market price is $50.


Title Platinum Paramount Gloves

Title platinum paramount gloves are one of the highest class MMA fighting gloves. They have amazing foams that create the most comfortable, stylish, protective and powerful training gloves. The new Para-Mounted stacked cuff delivers the most ergonomic support, comfort and coverage of all of the other gloves. The glove shell is covered in double thick, ultra-pliable full grain leather which makes the gloves really durable and long lasting for professional results. The firm and supportive fit are ensured by a loop closure and a strap around the wrist for most optimum movement. Fists stay cool during training by a moisture-wicking hand compartment liner which helps repel moisture and keep cool inside the gloves.


Title MMA Menace Metallic Training Gloves

The armored bleaker super curved design of this glove maintain fingers in natural position and also helps reduce fatigue. The super shock-absorbing layered foam over the knuckles, back of the fist, thumb, and back of the wrist provides with a vital coverage. The hard-wearing engineered leather metallic cover delivers extra-long wear and champion training results. This ensures comfort and protection so you can train longer. The wrap around wrist strap with hook and loop closure which is washable. One size fits are most ambidextrous and contain latex. They have three colors red, blue and white. Their market price is $50


Title MMA Performance Gel Bag Gloves

Title MMA performance gel bag gloves are one of the best mitts available for sale in terms of durability and performance. With the reinforced finger loops along with grip bar built into palm ensures the perfect striking fist. Moisture locking lining along with open palm design keeps your gloves dry and increases their lifetime. The leather striking surface is present for durability. These gloves possess the ability to handle strong strikes or punches from the opponent. They have gel enforced lining which provides a flexible fit that adjusts itself perfectly to the hand when the fighter tightens the fist. For additional wrist support in the gloves, the 2’’ strapping system is also present in the gloves. They do not have many colors to offer but just red and black in contrast. Their market price is $55.


Title MMA Command Pro Fight Gloves

Title MMA Command pro fight gloves are crafted beautiful and designed elegantly to provide the best comfort and good fitting to the athletes. The Title is well known for this epic product. The Title MMA command Pro Fight Gloves have pre-curved infused foam which offers great protection while fighting in competition or training. They are very durable so the fighter does not have to worry about them wearing out anytime soon. For the maximum mobility of thumb and fingers, these gloves provide with an open palm while grappling and submission maneuvers and chokes. The fresh originated cover allows for consummate durability and is also easy to clean. To easily fit over tape and gauze for competition 3” slit under the closure of the glove is permitted. They are available in three colors red, blue, and black. Their market price is $50.

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