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A good body means one that is fit, healthy and in proper shape. You can achieve all of this by any physical activity but what really works best for a well-toned and symmetric body is resistance training. There are a lot of tools you can use, weights, machines and even they have different equipment. To achieve the definition that you want your body to have, a lot of variation in the workout is needed and to aid in that, adjustable kettlebells prove themselves to be useful. The versatile nature of this equipment allows you to progress your strength goals with maximum efficiency and if you feel like it is happening too fast, then you can tone it down; that is the beauty of adjustable kettlebells, their versatility. Normally, there are two workouts that you would do with the kettlebells, ballistic and controlled. Ballistic is where exercises are quick and explosive, they are good at developing your stamina while the controlled exercises focus on putting stress over your muscles, thus they are good at developing your overall strength. If you want the best of both worlds, then you need to make sure that the adjustable kettlebell you purchase is up to mark, here are some of the best that you can get:

Best Adjustable Kettlebell

Apex KettleBell Exercise Weight Set

The Apex Kettle Bell has an ideal design for both of the workout types. The weight distribution of its components is such that its handle is 15 pounds, the bottom plate is 5 pounds and there are 4 removable spacer disks in between them. It is using these spacer disks that you will be able to slide in your weight; the weights scale up in increments of 20 pounds with the maximum weight being 50 pounds. The locking mechanism is similar to a nut and bolt which makes it simpler to use and the handle has enough space to allow for a comfortable grip, if you have small hands then you can even use both.


Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell

The Titan adjustable kettlebell has a unique way of locking or securing the plates, it is a simple press, slide, and pop that is both easier for the user and saves time. The design of the kettlebell is such that it has a core and handle on which you will be locking the plates. The maximum capacity of the kettlebell is 40 pounds with the handle weighing 10 pounds, 6 plates weighing 5 pounds each and the base weighing 10 pounds. It is a pretty versatile tool because you can vary around the weight quickly, this opens up diverse options for exercises during your workout. The handle is 1.5 inches in diameter, which is good enough for a comfortable grip.


Kettlebell Kings Adjustable Kettlebell

The Kettlebell Kings have made it to this list because of the high-quality construction of their kettlebell. The handle of the kettlebell is made out of a smooth and strong metal bending that allows for a comfortable grip, even in the most intense sensations during your workout. Another cool thing is that when it is fully equipped, it forms the shape of a traditional round kettlebell so that you can do all of the exercises without having to switch or change the shape. The weights can be added with 5-pound increments; this allows casual or novice builders to progress according to them.


Empower Kettlebell

The Empower Kettlebell is ideal for those athletes who want to use weights for stamina developing exercises or in other words, endurance training. This is because the kettlebells are somewhat light, have a soft texture and are low-risk in comparison to other weights overall. You can choose from three weight options: either 5 pounds, 8 pounds or 12 pounds, whatever works best for your explosive workouts. They are easier to get used to because of the soft texture and are consistent. To help you get started, Empower also give you a full body workout DVD so that you can get an idea on how to integrate kettlebells to your routine.


PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell

The PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell sets itself apart because of its unique design. The weights are present on the inside while the outer shell surrounds them and has pin secures where from where you adjust the weight.  The handle, shell, and weights are all made out of solid steel which gives it a smooth design and pretty high durability. The maximum weight capacity of the kettlebell is 35 pounds with the shell and handle weighting 18 pounds alone. The ergonomic design of the handle also allows for a comfortable grip

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