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What separates good companies from the rest is how they research their products, take feedbacks and constantly improve upon the areas that are lacking. SISU is one of such companies that has taken the decision to constantly make innovations when it comes to mouthguards; their aim is to provide maximum protection with minimal size. The company’s founders were originally from Sweden and the company itself started out in the USA. According to Inc. Magazine in 2016, SISU was named one of the fastest growing brands in the United States just because of its innovative products. People were really impressed as their mouthguards were remarkably thin but just as durable as some of the best, not to mention that the public realized that SISU had some sort of originality in their manufacturing process, thus they were more inclined to purchase from them. Let us take a look at the mouthguards SISU has made over the years. Sisu mouthguard review below:

SISU Mouthguard Review


The SISU Aero is part of the NextGen series by SISU that offers a wider bite pad, rounded edges and adjustable fit and re-molding. The Aero is also comfortable to work with because it is 50% thinner than your conventional mouthguards, making it easier to perform your usual tasks like talking or drinking when you wear it. The Diffusix technology offers protection by distributing the force from the impact across the mouthguard. The Aero can be used by athletes who are about 11 years of age and above. The removable aspect of the mouthguard makes it really easier for it to be adjustable according to your comfort.


This is one of SISU’s original mouthguard that garnered public attention because of their durability and slim design. The SISU Max is 2.4mm thick but it is custom-fitted which makes it easier to talk, breath and to drink in. It is also comfortable to wear which means you can use it for prolonged uses. It makes use of Diffusix technology which distributes the potential force you can experience during your training sessions or a sports match and thus, offer protection to your teeth. In comparison to your usual mouthguards, the SISU Max is about 30% thinner. It is preferable for users of ages 11 and above.


The SISU is a perfect mouthguard if you want to wear one for prolonged uses, for example, a long training session or multiple matches. It is ultra-thin, fits easier into your mouth, provides good protection and has a large area of coverage. This large coverage is also called the canine-to-canine coverage where the mouthguard protects crumple zones from harmful forces by dampening the impacts. It has a 1.6mm bite pad with perforations which makes it easier to talk, breath or drink when you wear it. Lastly, it can be remolded when left in hot water for a few seconds, you can adjust it according to yourself.

SISU Junior

It is pretty annoying to have a piece of plastic fitted inside of your mouth, kids find this sensation extra annoying and you will find them taking it out then smearing it all over the surroundings. SISU addressed this issue by making a mouthguard that is so thin that the kids do not even feel it. The SISU Junior is 1.6 mm thin which is 50% thinner than your usual mouthguards, is very comfortable to wear and is also a part of the NextGen mouthguard series. It uses Diffusix technology that evenly distributes the force from the impact when training in any sports.


This is one of the highest tier pieces of gear that an athlete can get. Utilizing the HitSense technology, the mouthguard can take readings of the impactor hits that the athlete has taken and transmits that data to an application. The application collects all of the information, keeps a track record and is currently available on mobile devices; from the app, you can make careful adjustments to your training routines. The construction of the mouthguard itself is also remarkable, it is made out of a special reinforced thermoplastic material and it can be remolded multiple times until it has a proper fit. SISU Sense is the company’s most exotic product.