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The Bulgarian bags are tools specifically designed for that purpose; to improve grip strength and endurance.
MMA fighters also require  upper and lower body strength, therefore the Bulgarian bag is also an excellent and effective training tool for them as its shape allows for both upper and lower body training. The Bulgarian bag is an effective training device whose multiple handles and grips enable a wide range of workout exercises.  Following are the Best Bulgarian Bags for BJJ in the market

Best BJJ Bulgarian Bags

The Original Suples Bulgarian Bag

Invented by former Olympian and wrestling coach, Ivan Ivanov in 2005, the original Bulgarian bag is the basis for this version. This one is a product of Suples, the company behind the original Bulgarian bags. The bag is a handmade one, made of leather of high quality. It consists of two straps and three gripping handles and two ticker grip surfaces on each end. The bag comes in about 15 different weight options. In addition to that, the buyer gets a free instructional DVD and 2 year warranty. The price for the original Bulgarian bag starts from $135.

Suples Basic Bulgarian Bag Model

This one is similar to the original one. Easy to handle and made of synthetic leather, the bag is available in a number of different sizes based on weight. Even though the overall configuration of this Bulgarian bag is quite similar to that of the original version, the straps and grip handles in this one are thinner and more compact comparatively. It also comes in a variety of colors. The manufacturer ensures 100% money back guarantee. Slightly more costly than the original one, this Bulgarian bag is sold for $189.

Suples Strong Bulgarian Bag Model

This Bulgarian bag allows variation in weight by extracting or adding individually packed sandbags. The special strap handles allow for a variety of exercises. The handles and ticker grip surfaces are thicker as compared to the aforementioned versions, which makes this Bulgarian bag a more challenging training tool. It is made 100% out of genuine leather and comes in different sizes. The manufacturer ensures 2 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The market price for this Bulgarian bag starts from $214.

Suples Camouflage Bulgarian Bag

Made of synthetic leather, this Bulgarian bag is not just multi-functional but also has a cool and attractive look. It is designed in the same way as the original Bulgarian bag, except that the sign is camouflage. Variations in designs are offered in terms of the color of straps. The size and weight range of this Bulgarian bag is also the same as that of the original one.

Following are the Best Bulgarian Bags for MMA in the market

CoreX Matador Training Bag

Although this one is not called a Bulgarian bag due to trademark issues, its functions are the same as those of a Bulgarian bag. The top of this training bag consists of a spin handle that is ideal for curl based exercises. There are four grab handles and two strap handles near the ends of each side of the bag, for the purpose of lifting. The handles and grips can be custom filled with rubber pellets that allow for maintaining the shape of the bag and absorbing the force that comes with the exercising. Made of synthetic leather, the bag comes in a variety of weight options. Though not the original Bulgarian bag, the CoreX training bag is sold for a comparatively cheaper price, around $40.

Wreck Bag Workout Bag

This one too isn’t exactly a Bulgarian bag but it functions like one. It is filled with non-toxic rubber instead of sand, hence eliminating the mess and hassle. The weight of the bag is evenly distributed. It is shock, water and mold resistant as it is constructed with an outer shell that tolerates any weather condition. It ranges in weight from 5 to 70 lbs. This workout bag is perfect for anyone who would like to experience the function of a Bulgarian bag but want a less challenging tool than that. The cost of this bag starts from $90.

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