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BJJ is a martial art that involves ground fighting techniques. Jump rope for BJJ is specifically used for improving one’s cardio since cardio is the key to practicing BJJ. It also improves coordination, agility, and balance. MMA, on the other hand, is a combat sport that uses a variety of striking techniques. Just like how jumping ropes is a significant exercise for BJJ, it is also done by MMA fighters to build endurance and stamina. Following are the best jump ropes available for BJJ in the market:

 Best Jump Rope for BJJ and MMA

Master of Muscle Jump Rope

This jump rope is specifically designed for speed jumping. It is quite light-weight, compact and ultra-thin, and made of a cable wire that ensures fast spinning. It is free of plastic or PVC, which allows the rope to endure any damage. The 90-degree turn of the handles allows you to train easily without seizing or locking the handles up. Moreover, you can also adjust the rope according to your height with the handles. The market price of this product starts from $20, with 100% money back guarantee.


Elite Surge Jump Rope

This jump rope is also ultra-thin and made of cable wire coated with nylon. The handles are made of superior quality anodized aluminum. Ir allows smooth skipping with minimal friction with the dual ball bearings in the handles. The rope is light-weight and comes in a variety of colors. It also provides height-adjustment. Designed by a champion speed jumper, it is certain to give you the best jump rope training experience. The price starts at $25.


5Billion Speed Jump Rope

The handles of this jump rope contain grooves, ensuring a comfortable and easy grip. They’re also non-slip, thanks to the sweatband tapes. The cable of the rope is fully and easily adjustable. The pro ball bearings in the handles allow extreme speed and high momentum. The rope is easy to carry, whether during travels, outdoor workouts or home gym. The market price for this product starts from $10.


321 STRONG Plastic Jump Rope

This product provides easy adjustment with its oversized thumb screws. The rope is tangle-free, with comfortable and tapered handles allowing a secure grip. The rope is made of steel wire coated with PVC and measures 11 feet in length. It comes with a replacement cable, spare thumb screws and vinyl end caps, and most importantly a carrying bag for easy storage. The rope is great for cardio and building endurance and speed. It comes in a variety of different colors. The market price of this product starts from $11.7


Following are the best jump ropes available for MMA in the market


Survival and Cross Jump Rope

This jump rope comes with easy-adjustment for height and is super light-weight and fast. With its solid handles and ball bearings, it ensures long cardio sessions. It is one of the best jump ropes in the market specifically for MMA and boxing. It starts with a price as low as $10.


Wodfitters Ultra Speed Cable

The ball bearing technology of this jump rope makes it super-fast. It is excellent for cardio workouts, cross-training, MMA and boxing. The rope is quite light-weight and is made of the cable wire. It provides full and easy adjustment with its hand screws. The best part about this one is that it comes with a handbag which makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere you go. It is sold for $20 in the market, with money back guarantee.

Cayman Fitness Speed  Rope

This jump rope is strong, durable and easy to carry. It is 9’4” long with easily adjustable length and is made of durable vinyl materials that don’t allow any kinking or twisting. Speedball bearings in the handles allow a smooth rotation and the handles are covered with comfortable foam grips. This rope is excellent for MMA training. It will improve your muscle tone and increase your cardiovascular endurance. The manufacturer provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The rope costs $13.


321 STRONG Aluminum Speed Jump Rope

This jump rope comes with sturdy aluminum padded handles. It is easily adjustable for different heights with its oversized thumb screws. The rope is lightweight and fast. It is 11 feet long and contains enhanced ball bearing technology, allowing fuller and faster jumps. The market price for this rope is as low as $6.3.

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