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Training your punches and kicks is must for any sort of combat sport. Heavy bags play a huge role in developing your striking capabilities as they strengthen your impacts, improve hand-eye coordination and allow you to use excessive force that you otherwise would not do with a sparring partner. However, heavy bags are difficult to move from place to place and often require open space to be effective. What will be a better alternative? To get a best Free-Standing heavy bag.

What is Free-Standing Heavy Bag

A free standing heavy bag is the type of punching bag that is mounted on a round base instead of being hanged or suspended from the top. The advantage of this design is that it becomes easier to move the bag around and since there is no mounting required you can store it somewhere like a closet or garage so that it does not occupy unnecessary space. The mounting process is also one of the big reasons people opt for free standing bags. You are safe from all of the brackets, bracing and bolts to hang a heavy bag from the ceiling while a free standing bag only requires you to fill the base and put together the metal support system. Now that we have talked about the advantages, let us take a look at some of the best bags on the market:

Best Free-Standing Heavy Bag

Century Wavemaster XXL Bag

First one up is the Wavemaster XXL Bag by Century which provides the features and quality you need to train without worry. The bag is ideal for home use as it can be moved around easily and is strong enough to withstand the toughest of punches or kicks. The bag also sees its use in many gyms simply because of its construction and stability. The bag comes with a shock collar that sits between the core and the base, this prevents the movement of the bag when it is hit. The base of the bag can hold up to 270 pounds and can be filled with either water or sand.

Ringside Elite Standing Bag

One of the more popular options among the public, the Ringside Elite is also the recommendation by many professionals. It stands firm and does not topple over no matter how hard the punches or kicks are. This makes the began excellent option for Muay Thai training as it provides excellent resistance owing to its shock-absorbing foam and synthetic leather shell. The hitting area is also over 60 inches, which gives enough room for taller athletes to train their strikes. The base of the bag can hold weights of up to 270 pounds but even if that is not enough, you are given a removable foam collar reduces the bag’s movement.

Everlast PowerCore Standing Bag

The Everlast PowerCore has made it to the list simply because of the amount of toughness it has. It is one of the hardest bags to punch through which is perfect for someone looking to push their strength to the limit. The design of the bag was done to withstand the hardest and fastest of the punches owing to the tri-disc foam in its structure. The foam allows for maximum dispersion of the impact force across the surface so the bag does not get much distortion. The material is high-quality, very durable and the base of the bag stable enough to not allow any recoil.

Century BOB Body Opponent Bag

The Century BOB stands out amongst all of the standing heavy bags because of its humanoid shape. This brings a new perspective to the athlete that the other bags do not provide with their shape. You can train your strikes with more precision and efficiency as the bag gives you the spots where you need to hit. For instance, you can practice your punches on a curved section of the bag or you can train your uppercuts aiming for the bag’s jaw. It even trains you on how much distance or space you would need to land a powerful and unavoidable impact.

Combat Sports MMA Bag

This is an ideal economic option when it comes to a free standing heavy bag because of its features. The Combat Sports free standing heavy bag provides consistency due to its nylon construction. The purpose of this bag was to give young athletes a safe and viable option to hone their skills. That is why the shell of the bag has a high impact foam that allows the young athletes to apply as much force as they want without getting injured. You can use sand or water to fill the base of the bag so that it remains stable. The bag also comes four different height dimensions and its total weight is 100 pounds.

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