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When a person is training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsuit is inevitable to accept the possibility of any kind of injuries. It is very vital to understand that there are some sensitive parts of men and women which need to be protected while grappling. Exploring the gear that will help you protect yourself and ensures your safety is very important. There is no real way to predict what happens in a roll or match, the only way is to select the perfect gear. Here are a few picks for Best Training Bra BJJ and MMA

Best BJJ training Bra

Under Armour “Armour Eclipse” Bra

Under Armour is undoubtedly one of the most highly recognized brands out there in the market. They manufacture all kinds of sports gear and their sports bra makes a very solid deal. The material of the bra is StudioLux fabric. They claim to provide immense support while also giving the person room to move. The front of the bra is inspired by bandeau and is extremely soft which is important for grappling.


Victoria Secret VSX “The Player Racerback” Sports bra

Victoria Secret is well known for the lingerie it offers but it also has some really good range of sports bra while their The Player Racerback tops the list of them. This pullover sports bra has around 30 design variations with sublimated designs. The best feature about this bra is that it has a moisture-wicking technology which absorbs the sweat while training and ensures that you stay dry.


Reebok “Running Speedwick High Impact” Bra

Another most known brand is Reebok which makes impressive sports gear. The best bra for BJJ at Reebok is the Running Speedwick High Impact bra which is designed especially for high impact sports. The material is a special blend of 60% cotton and 40% rayon. The material provides dryness around the clock while training even a hard roll won’t see this bra budging. It comes with an elastic band at the bottom which makes sure that everything stays in place.


Champion Comfort Full Support Sports Bra

Champion is a well know sports gear company which is known all around the world. It might not be the right grappling specific model originally, it fits the bill. the bra features an amazing design, the lining of the bra is a mix of Spandex and Nylon. The straps are silicone, the cup lining is of polyester and spandex. The strap lining is made from pure cotton. it keeps the sweat at bay and is very comfortable to wear.


Moving Comfort “Juno” Bra

This bra has been around for quite a while now. The fact that everyone loves and still raves about it is something to look into. It is one of the most adjustable sports bras in existence and can be manipulated into however you want. This bra is a high impact one and is a perfect one for practitioners. The straps of the bras close on the front and have a maximal moisture wicking.

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