Hayabusa Gi Review – Top Picks For 2020

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Hayabusa is one of the prominent manufacturers of high-quality sports gear. Even their brand name, Hayabusa – which is Japanese for Peregrine Falcon, shows their prowess. The falcon is a predator of exceptional speed and strength so athletes that use Hayabusa products fall under this notion of power as well. The brand describes themselves as deeply rooted in Japanese tradition with their commitment towards producing high caliber gear. No factor is left unchecked when it comes to their craftwork; they make sure that their product line always enhances the performance and safety of their fighters. Hayabusa makes a lot of clothing for MMA and that includes some quality BJJ gis. Their gis are made entirely with ripstop fabric but the feature which sets them apart is their stretch inseam. They also cater to the different needs of people, various shapes, sizes, and comfort, by having a wide range of gis to choose from. More in our Hayabusa Gi Review .

Hayabusa Gi Review 2020

Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu-jitsu Gi

This is one of the gis that has won the Amazon’s choice tag made by Hayabusa. The lightweight of the gi makes it cool and easy to use; ideal for all types of training and competition. The gi jacket is made with 420 gsm pearl weave cotton and has a reinforced lapel around areas that exert stress. The pants are 8oz, made from ripstop cotton-polyester thus making it very durable and possess superior strength. The pants also have reinforced stress areas along with a drawstring to secure them. To add aesthetic apparel, there are patches and embroidery on the lapel, chest, shoulders, back and the legs. This Gi will definitely enable your optimal performance.

Hayabusa Shinju Pearlweave 3

The Hayabusa Shinju 3 claims its position as one of the top gis for BJJ. This is because it is kind of a heavyweight gi but does not feel like it. It offers exceptional comfort and freedom of movement; if you are seeking a gi with a great fit then this is a great choice. The jacket is made from a strong 500 GSM pearl weave cotton while the pants are 10 oz and made from ripstop cotton. It comes pre-washed and pre-shrunk to adjust your fit and like all Hayabusagis, has embroidery around the lapel, chest, shoulders, back and the legs.

Hayabusa Goorudo 3

The Hayabusa Goorudo 3 is one of their top of the line gis. What earns it this position is that it features goldweave. Goldweave cotton is a hybrid between single and double weave. This base material gets you a very strong product without any drawbacks. Instead of feeling heavy because of such a fabric, it feels lighter and cooler to use, though not lighter than the common pearlweave gis. The jacket is made from 550 GSM gold weave with the lapels and stress areas being reinforced. The pants are 12oz and made from twill cotton blend, the pants are also reinforced around the knees and other stress areas. Hayabusa is one of the few companies that can do comfort right; this gi is an example of the ratio between softness and weight being perfect.

Hayabusa Stealth Gi

The Hayabusa Stealth gi is very lightweight and has amazing strength. It is also the gi endorsed by a world BJJ champion for having optimum craftsmanship, durability, and stunning design. The jacket of the gi is made from 420 gsm pearl weave cotton like the others and has an 8oz cotton-poly blend ripstop pants. The thing that sets it apart are the seams and triple stitching around the stress areas to secure it against wear and tear. It also comes pre-washed and pre-shrunk so it fits according to your size. This is ideal for someone seeking a simple, clean and reliable gi; although the detailed craftsmanship to the design is a plus point.

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