Shoyoroll Gi Review 2019

Shoyoroll is considered to be one of the best gi makers in the world. Many well known competitors are seen wearing their gis from this brand. It is very normal to see their gis being worm by people participating in Mundials and national level tournaments. They are slightly more expensive than other gi makers in the business. Their products are seen to be changed and you will not be able to find the exact same gi you bought some time ago. They make changes as they see fit. Since their contribution to gi making is undeniable here are a few key points to think about when buying Shoyoroll gi. Shoyoroll Gi Review below

Shoyoroll Gi Review

Shoyoroll Superlite 2

Superlite 2 provides the best quality and durability a person can expect from it. It has a very rich blue color and due to its durability, it can be used for years. It has a very minimalist design with a lion patch. The gi is very noticeable and is appreciated by every Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. The malleability of the gi and the high quality makes it perfect for everyday use. It is pre-shrunken and is made from 100% Brazilian cotton.


The kimono includes a top and a pant. The top is made from 100% Brazilian cotton and is pearl weaved. It is pre-shrunken, to avoid you getting into shrinking issues. It is extremely lightweight and durable with a very clean and simple design. The material offers resistance to any kind of wear and tear, this is the sole reason people use it for the daily basis.

Shoyoroll Batch #08 MAZE

It is indigo in color and provides a unique style for everyday practice. This gi includes a top and a pant which is made from 100% Brazilian cotton. Pant and top are pre-shrunken. It has many significant improvements than the previous ones and this proves to be better than them. The apparel, design, and durability make it stand out among other Shoyoroll gis.

Shoyoroll Yang

Shoyoroll yang is black in color and offers a very sleek style to its user. It is also one of the most expensive gi ever sold of shoyoroll for $185. It has embroidery which is also done in black color. The material of this gi is Brazilian cotton and is pearl weaved. The craftsmanship on this gi makes it different from all the other gis made by shoyoroll.

Shoyoroll gis has a very simple and minimalistic design. There are no graphics done on the gi but there is a lot of space so you can put up your club patches. They come in a few shades including white, grey, blue, and white. All of the graphics work that is done on the gi is embroidered and the color selection is found in contrasts. The company logo is the only thing that stands out on the white cotton and there is enough space for any kind of logo design you might want to do.

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